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X4: Timelines PC - DLC


THIS EDITION INCLUDES X4: Foundations X4: Split Vendetta X4: Cradle of Humanity X4: Tides of Avarice X4: Kingdom End X4: Community of Planets Collector's Edition Bonus Content X4: Foundations Soundtrack X4: Split Vendetta Soundtrack X4: Cradle of Humanity Soundtrack X4: Tides of Avarice Soundtrack X4: Kingdom End Soundtrack ABOUT THE GAME X4 is a living, breathing space sandbox running entirely on your PC. Thousands of ships and stations trade, mine and produce, all realistically simulated. In this universe, you can grow from being the lone pilot of a fighter ship, to managing a vast empire, commanding your fleets and designing colossal space stations. Transition seamlessly from first-person action, boarding ships and visiting their bridges, to an expansive strategy and management simulation. Choose your own path at your own pace. The decisions are yours. Trade - Fight - Build - Think. In X4, you can start your journey from a number of different gamestarts and as a number of different Read more

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