Embodied Activism: Engaging the Body to Cultivate Liberation, Justice, and Authentic Connection--A Practical Handbook for Tran


Embodied Activism, written by Rae Johnson, offers a revolutionary approach for readers looking to understand the role of the body in achieving liberation, justice, and authentic connections. Instead of traditional methods of achieving social and environmental justice, Embodied Activism proposes that the path lies in understanding our own bodies and the feeling within it. For Johnson, this means harnessing our sensual and political capacities to create meaningful change. In their book, readers can find exercises, communication styles, and tools to help nourish and protect their bodies and minds during times of activism. Furthermore, Johnson dives into the importance of body language, questioning body image, and providing an outlet to reconnect with our bodies in the midst of a distracting world. These tools, along with Johnson’s years of experience as an embodiment professional, give readers the necessary skills to connect with each other in both empowering and joyful ways. Through Embodied Activism, Rae Johnson provides readers with practical and meaningful ways to make revolutionary change in our everyday lives. Читать далее

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