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The Merry Dredgers


The Merry Dredgers is an immersive and eerie amusement park driven by mystery and suspense. Enter the halls of the Goblin and join Seraphina Ramon, as she searches for clues to her sister Eff’s coma. Explore the dark and forgotten corners of the park, and uncover the secrets hidden within. Experience the thrill of the wolf-themed roller coaster, the disorientation of the hall of mirrors, and the uncertainty of the Humpty Dumpty animatronic. The park is run and inhabited by a cult of unknown purpose; led by Jeremy C. Shipp. From the moment of arrival, they will be determined to recruit Seraphina among their ranks. The only way to further the investigation is to join this cult and uncover their secrets. However, with every clue discovered, more questions arise. What is their true goal? How deep does this rabbit hole go? The Merry Dredgers is a thrilling and unique experience, one that will leave you with more questions than answers. Join Seraphina in the depths of this mysterious and unknown amusement park, as you work to uncover the truth behind Eff’s coma. Więcej

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