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Adventures with Claudie


Adventures with Claudie by Brit Bennett is an inspiring journey of discovery, creativity, and self-expression. When Claudie is unexpectedly called away from her home in Harlem to visit her grandmother in Georgia, she leaves with little understanding of what awaits her on this unfamiliar journey. Along the way she learns about the story of her family, a tale of resilience and persistence that becomes an essential source of motivation and inspiration for her. As Claudie pieces together the story of her family's past, she discovers a legend called "The People Could Fly", a liberating tale of enslaved people gaining the power of flight and returning to Africa. This tale sparks an idea in Claudie and serves as the foundation for the finale of her variety show, a show created to raise money for her family's boardinghouse. Claudie and her family's risk to save their home is ultimately one of perseverance and hope. With her imagination and creativity, Claudie puts all of her effort towards making her show a success and ultimately has the power to create a brighter future. Adventures with Claudie is a story of courage, strength, and creative expression that will stay in your heart for a long time. Read more

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