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The Daydreams


The Daydreams by Laura Hankin is a deliciously entertaining novel that captivates readers from the first page. Featuring four teenage stars, a will-they-or-won't-they romance and plenty of scandal, this novel is sure to keep you hooked. The story takes place in 2004, where the stars of a popular teen show, The Daydreams, have it all: fame, success, ratings and a passionate, devoted fan base. But that all comes crashing down in the season two finale, leaving everyone in shock. The four stars then take their own paths in life, pursued their own goals and dreams and worked to heal from the fallout of The Daydreams. That is, until a reunion special is demanded by fans. Sarah, Kat, Liana and Noah are all faced with the task of coming together again and addressing unresolved issues while dealing with the secrets that caused their show's unfortunate demise. From drama to suspense, The Daydreams is an enthralling story of redemption and second chances that will hook readers of all ages. With captivating characters and a dynamic plot, this gripping novel is sure to leave you wanting more. Pick up your copy of The Daydreams today and follow the story of fame, romance and scandal. Read more

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