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Killing Me


Killing Me, the new book from Michelle Gagnon, is sure to thrill and entertain readers. This original story follows Amber Jamison, who finds herself becoming the latest victim of a serial killer. Rather than giving into fear, Amber is able to escape and embarks on a journey of danger and mystery. Amber has to evade the law and face her past in order to outrun the killer on her trail. With the help of an unlikely ally, she is forced to call upon old skills and take risks that may cost her her life. Her journey will take her across the country, into the seedy and exciting nightlife of Las Vegas, and deep into the heart of a catastrophic conspiracy. Killing Me is pulse-pounding and unexpected, a must read for anyone who enjoys thrilling mysteries. There is action, suspense, and humor as Amber follows the clues to reveal the ultimate secret - who is the world’s most prolific killer? Pick up Killing Me, and let the story take you on a roller coaster ride of excitement. Read more

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