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Dirty Laundry: A Novel


Dirty Laundry: A Novel by Disha Bose is a riveting debut novel that takes its readers on an unexpected journey of murder and hidden secrets. The main characters are Ciara Dunphy, a picture-perfect woman with a perfect life, and her best friend Mishti Guha, an immigrant from Calcutta who feels out of place in the small Irish village. Lauren Doyle, an earth mother with a disheveled partner and running-naked children, finds an unlikely ally in Mishti. But when Ciara is found murdered, the secrets between the women slowly start to unravel. The story examines the power dynamics between the characters, and uproots the desires, envy, and conceits of a seemingly perfect life. With an intricate plot and believable characters, this novel is an engrossing read that will keep you on the edge of your seat as the stories of the characters come together. Read more

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